Ya. I teach. U up? I MEAN impressed?
I'm hecka professh.


Why take a class from moi?

Doing sketch can be scary, I mean, after years of doing improv all you had to do was show up, right? I want to help demystify the process, help you take a choice from the cold read and develop it into a fully realized character. We'll take tools from all methods of acting, as well as improv, to open your eyes to possibilities in any sketch. Sketch takes a higher level of commitment, but with that comes greater rewards. Be ready to KILL in any sketch.

If you're like 'what business do you have teaching?!' (I wish, my mom would stop saying that.) Well, I've been in running shows that span UCB, the Pit and the Magnet. I've been a part of Boogie Manja for the last two years. Sketch teachers across UCB have asked me to be in their shows. Lastly, I've graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). I'm also the Last Airbender, (Hi, I'm the Avatar.)

You have the potential for sketch greatness, but you gotta want it.


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