Wow SO glad you decided to learn more about me. 


Hi I'm Matt and it's time to
learn about me, bitch!

The tale of Matty Frazier's life is one that'll be told throughout the ages. His story begins with a birth from an immigrant and American man after a night of ecstasy (he assumes, but not in a weird way). He then did stuff as a kid (skip skip skip) to adulthood. After a harrowing flight, from California to New York where he cried listening to 'For Good' on the Wicked soundtrack, he started his theducation (theatre+education) at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. The studies were long and rigorous. Once performing 'Like A God' from Flower Drum Song for the dean, of course with his fly down. But he made it through to enter the world of theatRE. He became the Miss Saigon (and sometimes the 'I' in King and I). However, he got tired of singing about his troubles in Vietnam; hopping on that helicopter to the UCB theatre. Where he again studied rigorously (you can use rigorous a lot in stories) , becoming a comedy Rajneeshee (look it up). He is a part of the all gay-male team, Fancyman that host a monthly show at UCBeast. Later, joining the other comedy cult, the Magnet sings all that musical improv, with Track 7. 

Also, like he does sketch. A LOT of sketch. So like don't forget that. He made videos for OutliciousTV and is like on Boogie Manja with Mom's Night Out. I'm sure you want to meet this so like, check out a show or something. BBBBYYYYYYEEEEEEE!